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Another embodiment of the product is the 'Bike Cave'. Providing quick and easy access, the 'Bike Cave' has been designed as a 'Home for your Bike'! No more rummaging around at the back of your shed trying to get to your bike. Shelter, security and convenience.

Designed to be quick and easy to install, the Bike Cave has a detachable zipped front panel providing the owner with the choice of having the front open or closed – very useful in the summer months when rainfall is less prevalent and access is required frequently.

The Bike Cave can be installed in a wide variety of locations against walls and fences. The outer edge of the rear panel has 5 fixing points. Simply connect the main fibreglass rods and slide through two sleeves in the nylon/polyester fabric, inserting the ends into the “feet” in the base panel. Next place the 5 smaller rods into the eyelets in the front and rear panels to stretch the 2 arcs apart. Finally drill up to 5 holes and screw the back panel secure.

A number of weight bags are included as standard. These can be filled with sand or pebbles and placed along the edges of the ground sheet inside to prevent the wind from blowing underneath. The recommended installation, however is to carefully place a number of old paving slabs or wooden blocks over the groundsheet to provide a more permanent and robust solution.

   • Low cost
   • Lightweight – easy to carry and transport
   • Packs away to a small compact size
   • Storage capacity big enough for two adult bicycles
   • Hardwearing and durable fabric
   • Arched shape allows rain and snow simply to slide off
   • Multi-functional and versatile
   • Detachable front cover
   • Quick and easy to erect
   • Suitable as either a permanent or temporary fixture
   • Optional security bracket



Tidytents.com is a independent distributor of the Tidy Tent and Bike Cave and is no way connected or represent the company tidytent.com ..a division of Rob McAlister Ltd

         Bicycle Storageorage

Our sheds and garages are crammed full – so where to put that new patio furniture, the new barbecue set, that new bicycle you just bought to get fit?  The options are either to build another shed – costly, difficult to erect and time-consuming.  Or, buy one of those increasingly popular plastic garden storage boxes – cheaper, but still costly and also for many items just too small.

















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